Marlboro License Department rocks!

My car’s license expired (back in October) and I have never found time to get it renewed. My professional engagement did not allow me to spend hours waiting in a queue to have my license renewed. So I decided to go with the queue service of Kya Sands Testing Station which was completely incompetent in getting this sorted and after 4 weeks of waiting on them, I decided to do it myself.

Sandton Licensing and Testing Department - Marlboro

Initially I made the mistake of driving through to Centurion where I was turned away since I do not live in Pretoria – how stupid is this and someone explain why I can drive anywhere in South Africa but can only renew my license where I live? So I went through to Marlboro (Sandton’s) traffic department. The queues at 10am were bearable and I could literally walk up to a cashier and had my license renewed (with a R 500,00 penalty for a 6 month overdue renewal) within 2 minutes. While there I organised a duplicate of my traffic register which also only took 10 minutes.

The above begs the question why a queuing service was not able to do this in 4 weeks and charges a bundle for it?

Update (2009/12/29): A large amount of people keep on asking me for directions – why don’t you look it up – here we go: S26 05.623 E28 05.395. For Google Maps, go here.

Marlboro License Department - opening hours and contact details