Rip-off alert: iBu(r)st changes prices and packages – watch out….

If you are a iBurst user you will be delighted that the company has consolidated the number of packages and re-adjusted the prices for contracts and month-2-month deals:

However: As I am on a Pro 3gig package I assumed that iBurst would either automatically upgrade me to the Xtreme 5gig package or reduce the monthly cost. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! iBurst will not change your current contract, they will also not contact you to have this changed.

The only option you have is to phone customer care on 0861 428 778 and speak to sales to have your monthly cost reduced or have your package upgraded.

Update: iBurst will not migrate you right away. You will have to fill out a migration form and the migration will only become effective with the following month. So depending on what package you are on, you will immediately loose out. If you are on a 3GB package now, you will lose R 150,00 for the month.