OS X: DB Solo – master your databases

I stumbled across DB Solo the other day when in dire need to quickly compare database-schema’s and data. Watching our DBA’s compare schema’s in VI and Notepad gave me an instant headache. This is where DB Solo comes in – a multi-platform database tool providing some great features, I have yet to see in similar priced query-tools:

* Browse and manage database structures with a couple of mouse clicks
* Create and drop common database objects using the advanced DBA features.
* Enter ad-hoc SQL queries in the query window that supports (Auto completion, Syntax coloring, Explain Plan)
* Schema Scripting Tool
* SQL Data Import Tool
* J2EE Code Generator for POJOs, EJB 3.0 annotations, JDBC persistence layer using the DAO pattern, JUnit tests, etc.
* Schema Comparison Tool – Including Schema Synchronization
* Table Data Comparison And Synchronization Tool
* View table references in a graph or list format
* View rows related to a selected table row
* View images stored in BLOB columns (GIF, JPG and PNG)

There are many more features than what is listed above and DB Solo is just well thought through. Although there are hundreds of options, the application does not feel cluttered or complex. The greatest feature is the schema-comparison tool:

You simple open two databases, select the correct instances and DB Solo will go off and compare tables, indices, foreign constraints and then present a comparison view similar to text-comparison tools. Best of all is that it also includes functionality to synchronize schemas by creating the correct SQL-scripts.

Another awesome feature is the data-comparison. How many times have I seen DBA’s spend hours exporting tables and then comparing text-files. With DB Solo you just select the databases and tables you want to compare, and the tool will show you the differences and allows to easily synchronize the data between the two.

Alright – I was not 100% honest: DB Solo runs also on PC (Windows, Linux). DB Solo can certainly make a number of DBA’s more productive (or redundant – smile)