iPhone – thanks for the fan-mail

Boy, did I get flamed today because of my previous iPhone post – most of the comments I could not publish – and I my deleted folder contains some 50 emails. Everyone who sent me those nice emails containing plenty of profanity, was clearly shooting from the hip. I was never slagging off Apple; I raised the point that Apple did not exceed people’s expectations. If you had also listened out in the community, you would have noticed that this is the common sentiment.

The bottom line remains (and makes the 3G iPhone not reasonable enough):

Camera: No improvements on the 2.0 megapixel camera, which is currently below par among the iPhone’s competition.

Headphone Jack: The new headphone jack is not recessed so you no longer need to buy special headphones to fit your iPhone. This would be a good thing, if the recessed jack weren’t such a stupid design move in the first place. You can’t fix a mistake and call it a feature.

Improved Audio: The iPhone’s speaker is abysmally quiet, making a speaker phone conversation almost impossible. Jobs says the audio is improved, but made no specific mention of the speaker phone, so we’ll see. This is still a big question mark.

Bluetooth / tethering: No bluetooth profile support for headsets or being able to pair the iPhone with my in-car handsfree kit – come on. (Not to mention the lack of being able to pair your phone via bluetooth with your laptop and use it as a 3G-modem)

Docking connector: The guys over at Engadget confirmed that the iPhone’s power/docking-connector will not fit the current docking stations and users will require a newer version.