Cheapest Blue-ray’s in town: CNA

I wish I could shamelessly plug for CNA — if it was not for them over the last 6 months to completely screw up their storelayouts and scatter their stock across stores without much logic.

One thing I must give them though – their Blue-ray prices rock – most of the titles for R 199,00:

Compare this with the following stores: Musica (R 299.95), Take2 (R 274.00), Phase 2 CD (R 235.00 – R 299.00, depending on which shop you go to – bizarre), TopCD (R 275.00), Look & Listen

I must admit, Phase 2 CD has the best selection (stores in Northgate and Sandton City), but it certainly does not justify a 50% markup compared to CNA (bearing in mind that CNA certainly does not sell their stuff off at cost).

One Look & Listen could care less when I asked why their Blue-ray’s are labelled at R 279.00 although their online-website lists them at R 199.00 (“… this is how much they cost in our shop, then buy them online”). A Phase-2-CD was surprised that CNA across their store sells them for R 100.00 cheaper (“… wow, I need to go and have a look”).

Certainly an interesting shift for us consumers, considering that Blue-rays used to cost 400-500 Rand several months back.