iPhone 3G: Get it for 1 Euro

If you live in Germany and sign up with T-Mobile, you can get your 3G 8GB iPhone for 1 €:

The catch is that you signup for a Complete XL-contract at € 89,00 per month (the 16GB iPhone goes for € 19,95). The T-mobile contract gives you however benefits which we South African will not see in the near future:
* 1000 free minutes
* 300 free SMS
* 5GB UMTS data-bundle (soft-capped thereafter at 64 Kbit/sec)
* Unlimited T-Mobile WLAN hot-spot access
* free weekend talk

Similar in price to MTN’s Procall 120 or Vodacom’s Talk 100 you will get the T-Mobile Complete M-bundle (8GB iPhone for € 59,95 and contract at € 49,00) – the bundle is the same as the above with the only difference being 100 free minutes and 40 free SMS.