Airport Express: Manage access point remotely

Apple has released a number of updates today. In addition to the release of OSX 10.5.4 which fixes a number of performance issues on the 5Ghz wireless channels, the all important Airport 7.3.2 firmware update was released.

Will Apple generally does not disclose much information about Airport Express updates, the recent firmware seems to have resolved the issue where I was not able to manage the base-station once the access-point was placed in bridged mode. A number of people in the Apple forums experienced the same issues and should now be as ecstatic as I am.

The OSX 10.5.4 update includes improvements of iCal reliability when it comes to the software’s handling of meeting requests, cancellations, and syncing with the iPhone. To Dos can apparently be marked as private again, too. Safari has gotten a performance fix when loading secure web pages, and a number of issues with Spaces (such as application focus problems and dragging applications between different Spaces) have been fixed. Apple lists out these updates in its support document, and there are sure to be a slew of hidden ones buried in 10.5.4 as well.