Beijing: Biggest cheat ever….

So you rushed out to get that new DSTV HD-PVR to enjoy the opening ceremony of the Beijing olympics:

but a few days later we all realise that the Olympics already started with a cheat:

Part of the elaborate Olympics fireworks show broadcast to the world in the opening ceremony was altered, done digitally in 3-D computer graphics, according to several news reports.

While the dramatic display actually happened as portrayed on television, members of the Beijing Olympic Committee said it was necessary to replace live video with computer-generated imagery because the city’s hazy, smoggy skies made it too difficult to see, according to The Beijing Times, which first reported the story.

Stunned viewers thought they were watching the string of fireworks filmed from above by a helicopter, but in reality they were watching a 3-D graphics sequence that took almost a year to produce.

Makes you feel like you ate a great meal and later only to find out later on that there was a fly in it.

Another thing you did not know: Minutes before the ceremony, directors replaced the 7-year- old singer with an older girl considered prettier.