NAS: Display Squid cachemgr

In a previous post I detailed how to install Squid on a Synology DS107+. This post explains how you are able to include Squid’s cache-manager UI. This post is for advanced users and I am not going to re-explain how to configure a 3rd party application in the DS.

  1. Adjust your cachemgr.conf and include your Squid’s url. In my case this is an extra line with
  2. Ensure that you have configured the correct ACLs for the cache-manager. If you took my squid.conf then you are fine.
  3. Test the cache-manager: squidclient -h -p 8080 mgr:info

  4. The Squid installation comes with the cachemgr.cgi in /opt/libexec/cachemgr.cgi. Best way is to symlink (ln -s) the file into your 3rd party-directory

With the above information you will be able to tune Squid accordingly.

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