Synology: Harddrive replacement

In my previous post I described how I got screwed over by Western Digital. Obviously I can not risk data-loss and am preparing for a replacement drive from Seagate – the 1TB Barracuda.ES2.

This is a server-class drive and has received good reviews from the community in single- and multi-bay NAS configurations. Western Digital should learn from Seagate’s warranty/reliability measures:

The drive caters for an Annualized Failure Rate – AFR – of 0.73% (Mean Time Between Failures – MTBF – of 1.2 Million hrs) when operated in an environment that ensures the HDA case temperatures do not exceed 40°C.

AFR and MTBF specifications are based on the following assumptions for business critical storage system environments:
• 8,760 power-on-hours per year.
• 250 average motor start/stop cycles per year.

With those figures the drive will certainly last 2-3 years – something the Western Digital will never give me (I am already worried that the WD is not going to last long enough so that I can mirror the drive)