MTN under fire for “skills based” competition

The Most Terrible Network has not been my favorite company as of late due to their lack of service and shoddy customer service.

They have no “improved” their image, by adding extortion to their product-portfolio:

If you subscribe to the above, you will enter a 14 week long “skills-based” competition where subscribers have to answer questions to score points. The customers with the highest points will win a Toyota Fortuner per week and at the final draw a R 1m homeloan.

Vodacom has gotten into serious trouble with their “100 cars in 100 days competition” but according to MTN their “competition” is nothing like that. I peg to differ – at R 7,50 per SMS MTN is ripping people off in desperate times.

Consumers are “protected” by getting an SMS notification every 100 SMS’s and they are not allowed to send more than 500 SMS’s per day (this is R 3750 per day !!!!!!!!!). I wonder what the NCA says about this and how MTN intends to ensure that customers don’t spend beyond their means since MTN’s terms and conditions state “MTN is not responsible for entrants overspending by sending too many SMS entries.

MTN, shame on you!