The Castrol Extreme Auto Show at the Northgate Dome

All the petrol-heads are heading to The Coca Cola Dome this weekend to visit the Castrol Extreme Auto Show.

We went there in anticipation to see what was promised on the website: “South Africa’s biggest automotive show. Featuring everything from wheels, security systems, paint techniques, audiovisual products, body & engine modifications and much more.”

Perhaps I am too spoilt with having been to the Frankfurt motorshow, but as the organiser described above, I could hardly see anything of interest.

I think the most memorable part was the “Punisher” mod (including the skull at the back), everything else was pretty much run of the mill i.e. modded Fiats exhibited (by coincidence or purpose?) next to the toilets, a few BMWs, Toyota’s a bigwheeled F250 and a pink Beetle with NOX-system installed.