Credit card fraud: Shopto?

It certainly makes you wonder (and worry) that within one week at least 3 members at the PS3ZA forum faced credit-card fraud (here, here and here). Allegedly all users have been using and I am aware of users who only use a single credit card on

While has denied that there was ever an issue, I strongly believe that fraud has been related to ShopTo (a simple Google search will show you many “coincidences”).

I used to be a loyal ShopTo customer and after spending in excess of EUR 800,00 was eventually banned from ShopTo, as they claimed that I abused their lost-parcel policy (yes, I did claim for two parcels valued at EUR 29,00 each – but those never arrived). So when checking today, that they really removed all my credit card information, I was surprised to see that Safari also alerted me about an invalid SSL certificate (I don’t see the same message on IE and can not really confirm if there is a Safari glitch – but again, another coincidence and the first SSL issue I have ever seen).

My point in the above: Make sure that you only disclose your CC-details to trusted sites and check your credit card statement daily.