MTN in trouble due to “lottery scheme” stops celebrating

It has been very clear in my previous post “MTN under fire“, that their “customer-extortion-competition” (also lovingly called “Celebrate 15 years of MTN”) will face a sudden death once the lottery board gets wind of it.

Unlike Vodacom’s “100 car’s in 100 day’s” competition, MTN decided to make it a “skill-based” competition, which was allegedly rigged. A number of winners of the luxury cars know each other via Facebook (with one winning customer being a Facebook friend of MTN’s project manager for the competitions call centre).

MTN also had an URL accessible via the internet, which allowed people in the know establish their ranking to guarantee them the winning price. MTN has now stopped the competition and I doubt that anyone will get their money back (which would be the right thing to do).

I am clearly no MTN fan anymore, as the company has managed to F-UP good customer service they used to have in a matter of 12 months and the company’s ethic/moral standpoint is becoming questionable.

MTN if you could only fix my invoice-/billing-issues, as well as not break my voice-mail service every other month and not deactivate my international roaming, I will be able to last long enough until I port out (iPhone 3GS here I come)