Sacred 2: Lazy developers

I got Sacred 2: Fallen Angels over the weekend and am mightily disappointed. The local two-player mode is unplayable as you constantly clash with your buddy. Unlike Return To Arms or Baldur’s Gate, two players can also not change their skills/inventory at the same time and playing this game becomes tiring.

The single-player campaign is slightly better, but riddled with bugs (such as the one below):

Sofar I have not been able to do 3 side-quests, since either an enemy all of a sudden disappears or I am not able to reselect the side-quest itself. In one case I had to guide a NPC to a location and halfway through the trip, the NPC decided to run off and was never seen again.

If you are used to Baldur’s Gate or Oblivion, you will be disappointed. If you are starting out fresh on RPGs on the PS3, this might just be the game for you. Even on the hardest difficulty it is very easy.