No manners – Afro-Tarfix (Pty) Ltd

In my endeavor to personally resolve potholes on a stretch of road I frequently travel, I contacted a company called Tarfix (not going to give them a link, seeing someone at Tarfix with mobile number 083 267 1834 sent me a “Fuck off”-SMS) to enquire if I can hire their services to fix a stretch of public road.

An email was sent to Deon and Kevin at Afro-Tarfix (Pty) Ltd (I can only assume that one of those two decided to send me the SMS) and the above caller phoned me, sounded irrate and complained about my “spam-mail”. Needless to say, that person slammed the phone down and chose not to answer my calls. Well, I can safely say that I use my email daily and sofar this is the first incident in 8 years, where someone complained about getting spam. This was supposed to be a trade-enquiry with one email being sent on the 4th February at 12:35.

In any case, Deon / Kevin or whoever you are at Tarfix – your level of maturity and your ignorance of even wanting to talk to me, just proves that you are incapable of running a professional business. I suggest that going forward you fix your lousy email system or internet connectivity, because you are the first person ever having reported an issue. I suppose I will not get a response to my email either.

So Tarfix a word of advise: If for whatever reason you happen to get multiple emails which are not even spam, but are sincere trade enquiries, the “How to phone a customer for Dummies”-book will tell you that you should try and show manners and not insult people within 5 seconds of someone answering your phone-call. If you change your attitude it will do you good and will greatly improve your turnover and give you many repeat customers. (And I would have even given you business – which now goes somewhere else).

BTW – before you morons at Tarfix get your undies in a knot, you should really fix your email system – because I don’t send SPAM and my servers work 100%, ALL THE TIME — AND YOURS DON’T::