Postnet Broadacres: Bad example of customer service

In short, over the last 12 months using Postnet Broadacres I had 5000 Euros stolen as 3 separate registered letters with cheque-card, PIN and internet banking codes disappeared as well as lost 11 parcels to theft within the postal system. I would think it is a reasonable expectation, that having experienced such issues, that my first port of call would be the local Postnet branch, only to be faced by no willingness to assist and put all blame on the Postoffice.

The branch could never really explain why we rarely get any parcel notifications and if we do get them, those are either 2nd or final notifications. I guess today I was again frustrated, as I found a 2nd parcel notification in my mailbox and requested comment from head-office as well as the local branch and also wanted to follow up on my previous complaint in May (for which I still await an answer from head-office).

Needless to say, 40 minutes after this email to the Postnet branch:

Incidentally, and following up on all the parcels going missing, I noticed today a 2nd parcel notification (dated 18/08). I have not received a first notification and would really like to understand how PostNet tracks parcels and if anything has changed since May. Back then the Broadacres branch did not carry manifests/lists of what parcel notifications they received when and when those where placed in the post boxes.

In today’s case it makes me wonder where the 1st parcel notification has disappeared – this is pretty much in line with all the other theft – either no parcel notification or notifications received so late that the items had been returned.

We will try and pick this parcel up at Bryanston Postoffice, but if it has “disappeared” will now open another case at the Police Station – unfortunately your absolute silence and disregard for any of those complaints is almost a silent admission of guilt.

I get the following response from the Postnet Broadacres branch-manager:

Dear Mr Naschenweng

In terms of our rental agreement with Ms Tascha Els we hereby give notice that we will be invoking clause 2.15 with effect the annual renewal date of 31st January 2011. The box will be locked from that date and post forwarded for a period of 30 days (upon receipt of a new postal address by us forwarded by the boxholder).

Upon return of both keys, the boxholder will be refunded the R50 deposit paid. We recommend that the boxholder begin the process of changing her address in the interim, as, after 28th February 2011, all mail will be returned to sender.

What does this tell you? Although I am still waiting for a formal response from Postnet Headoffice, it certainly appears that their franchises can not cope with customer complaints and stick their heads in the sand by canceling people’s rental agreements. I get the feeling there will certainly be a follow-up post in this regard. Department of Trade and National Consumer Forum here we come….

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  • Dtlc4

    We have had major problems with postnet Broadacres. The management is ABOSLUTLEY downright rude and they dont give a hoot. Upon my asking whether they treat all their customers this way and how they do business they said and I quote” we dont need your business” .Thats fine, BIG loss for them. Im rather relievd that we did not go with them.

  • disqus_QTdHtpsCwO

    Unfortunately after supporting Postnet Equestria for years, new management has decided that the best way to treat a client is to be rude and unhelpful. The owner said that I should know to which Postnet to send a parcel and was very rude about it. I should mention that I have been sending parcels to the same place every two months using the same Postnet. Even after I told him that I send it to Graaf Reinett and that they usually look it up and courier it, he threw the book on the counter and said that I must look for it. He was so rude that my young son was crying afterwards because the man was so rude. And this because of a parcel? Unbelievable. I suppose that young new businessman does not need my business, I will not bother him anymore with my business.