Postnet Broadacres: Bad example of customer service

  • Dtlc4

    We have had major problems with postnet Broadacres. The management is ABOSLUTLEY downright rude and they dont give a hoot. Upon my asking whether they treat all their customers this way and how they do business they said and I quote” we dont need your business” .Thats fine, BIG loss for them. Im rather relievd that we did not go with them.

  • disqus_QTdHtpsCwO

    Unfortunately after supporting Postnet Equestria for years, new management has decided that the best way to treat a client is to be rude and unhelpful. The owner said that I should know to which Postnet to send a parcel and was very rude about it. I should mention that I have been sending parcels to the same place every two months using the same Postnet. Even after I told him that I send it to Graaf Reinett and that they usually look it up and courier it, he threw the book on the counter and said that I must look for it. He was so rude that my young son was crying afterwards because the man was so rude. And this because of a parcel? Unbelievable. I suppose that young new businessman does not need my business, I will not bother him anymore with my business.