WordPress plugin – Disqus commenting

I previously used b2evolution as my blogging software and one very painful aspect was the managing of comments. Granted, WordPress’s native commenting system is lacks many features Disqus has.

The installation and configuration of the Disqus plugin is really simple, since Disqus provides a WordPress plugin which integrates seamless into WordPress. Disqus also allows you to import your existing WordPress comments and management of comments is afterwards simple and transparent:

Wordpress commenting via Disqus

The Disqus plugin manages the syncing of comments in the background and works really well compared to other commenting systems I have come across. One of the main benefits of Disqus is the social aspect and tight integration with their user base. Several widgets exist to integrate recent comments in the sidebar.

The initial import (I had about 500 comments across a few hundred posts) took more than 12 hours due to delays on the Disqus system (their importer seems to have frequent issues with delays).

You might want to cleanup some of your comments as the b2evolution importer uses <br/> tags and carriage returns which creates a lot of whitespace in your comments. This was unfortunately something I had to do manually to tidy up some of my comments.