How to “quick-fix” your PSN outage and log into PlayStation Network

I finally managed to find a way to get over the PSN login issues since the PlayStation network had been taken down by a major DDOS attack.  The change is quite simple and I have been able to play Destiny from 27th December 11am until 7pm (I am based in South Africa and connect via Afrihost business ADSL) without any issues:

  • Log out of PSN
  • Go to your network settings and change your MTU from 1500 to 1473 (you get there via “Settings > Network > Setup Connection > Manually > Wifi / LAN”. Go through the screens until you reach “MTU Settings”, select “Manual” and then adjust the PS4 MTU to 1473).
  • Restart your Playstation 4 (do not put it into “Rest mode”, but turn it off)
  • Optional: Restart your router
  • Log into PSN
  • Enjoy your XMas!

If the above does not work, also try to change your DNS to Google public DNS:

BTW: If you are playing Destiny, add me: MagicDude4Eva

Update 27/12/2014; Quite a number of people have confirmed that the above works. There seem to be rare cases where it does not, and I can only suggest that you make sure that you follow the above instructions and in the worst case restart the PS4 a number of times. In my case, the PS4 is within the DMZ of my router and I would think that some people struggling getting online have a different setup (or Sony is busy with PSN maintenance).