Takealot merger: Karl Ahari has a new job already

After the Takelot and Kalahari merger, I just found that Mr. Karl Ahari has found a new job at the German online erotic shop eis.de – I would call this: “Click – click – ding dong – parcel, pony, penis”


And the making-of-video:

With over 6 million customers Eis.de claims to be Germany’s leading online supplier of intimate lifestyle products for love, lust and passion (read: an online sex shop).

The above ad was flighted on German national TV over the last few days as well as went viral on social media and features towards the end of the video the South African comedian, Charles Tertiens (better known as “Mr. Karl Ahari”, the household name of Kalahari.com), juggling a few sex-toys in  front of an satisfied and exhausted couple:

Charles Tertiens aka "Mr. Karl Ahari" juggling sex toys in eis.de TV advert


Update 3rd Feb 2015: Just spotted “Mr. Karl Ahari” driving Renaults around Jozi: