Galencia Property planning to launch illegal fireworks in Craigavon

To celebrate the completion of one of their new residential properties, Galencia decided that it would be great to have a fireworks display in a residential area:

Galencia properties

Once pressure mounted from residents (and within a few days more than 300 objections were received), the developers responded that the firework display is an integral part of their celebration. As part of their multi-national consortium (Huaqiao Fenghuang Group) it makes just sense for Galencia to celebrate the Chinese New Year. My problem is that the fireworks event is planned for 7th March, but the Chinese New Year is celebrated on the 19th of February. If the cultural aspect is really so important and the group insists on tradition, it is actually nonsense to use the Chinese New Year festivities as an excuse to light up a residential area with fireworks.

According to Galencia “special low-noise pyrotechnics” are being used and this is also probably the reason why Galencia has not bothered to apply for the necessary permits, but based on City of Johannesburg such an exemption is a requirement.

Various action groups have started to address this issue and as of today (13th Feb 2015):

  • There has not been an application for a fireworks display in March.
  • No permit has been issued.
  • The emergency services do not know of this event.
  • The CPF of the Douglasdale SAPS has not been informed of this event.
  • A letter from the City of Joburg was sent to Galencia Properties on 6 February, stating that a permit needs to be applied for.

The bylaws in the City of Johannesburg are quite clear, and it is very obvious, that Galencia did not consult with residents, the community and followed the correct process to organise the event. As a multi-billion Rand property development company, such disregard can not be excused and strong action needs to be taken. I would be very reluctant to deal with any companies related to Galencia, is the company does not demonstrate corporate and social responsibility (makes one think how their residential estates are managed).

The following response was received by the City of Johannesburg in this regard: