Standard Bank South Africa acknowledges overcharging on Playstation Store

While I wait for the formal letter from Standard Bank, I received the following from PASA regarding the 2.5% irregular charge on my purchases.

Standard Bank has indicated that they are in the process to submit a formal letter to you but have to go through the necessary vetting internally which this letter should reach you by no later than 13 October 2016.
Additionally Standard Bank indicated that the matter raised by you has been thoroughly investigated and a fix implemented to their systems to rectify any such matter for future. Those consumers impacted has been identified and will be refunded by Standard Bank.

If you have not followed my previous posts, the TL;DR version is: All my purchases on the Sony Playstation Network Store were levied with an extra 2.5% surcharge for “currency conversion”. This was in my opinion illegal as all products are advertised in South African Rand and as such no further charges should have been applied.

Most consumers would have not noticed this, as the 2,5% surcharge occurred several days later (at settlement).