Importing with Aramex Global Shopper – so much potential, but horrible service

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  • Adnaan Parker

    Aramex received a parcel for me on the 12/01/2017. I uploaded my invoice on the same day. today on the 17th the status is still “need invoice” and shipment on hold. The concerning issue for me is the lack of movement or communication on the site. We are just supposed to wait and hope.
    I have now emailed one of the agents. I hope that I will be able to get more information out of her.

  • Daveysmith

    I agree 100% with your article – my experiences are pretty much the same, and I use the service almost exclusively to import automobile parts from America, which only ship to domestic American addresses. Even more frustrating has been the inability to elicit email responses from the local customer service – sometimes over a week to respond to an email. It could be a really great service but just lacks that customer satisfaction, service-driven commitment …..