Ever wondered what the 10,000 Bitcoin pizza bought in 2010 looked like?

It all started of with hungry BitcoinTalk member laszlo wanting two pizzas at 12:35am on 18th May 2010:

This turned then promptly in perhaps the very first semi-online crypto-currency e-commerce payment where a forum user offered to order two pizza’s in exchange for 10,000 BTC (the 10,000 BTC were worth around USD 50 in 2010).

The pizza’s were ordered and paid for a few days later at a whopping 10,000BTC (now a value of approximately 150 million dollars). Notice in the transaction history below, that the fees alone were 0.99BTC (or as of writing about $15,000):

Laszlo used to mine Bitcoin in 2009 on NVidia 9800 GTX+ on MacOS Hackintosh and eventually started using AMD Radeon 5970s to mine Bitcoin.

Some interesting quotes from him:

The people I traded with didn’t know it was going to explode either, they just took a risk – spending their ‘real’ money to buy some guy pizza in exchange for some internet Monopoly money.

and one of his posts in 2014:

3-4 years ago there were less than 100 people frequenting this forum, and I was pretty happy to trade 10,000 coins for pizza. I mean people can say I’m stupid, but it was a great deal at the time. I don’t think anyone could have known it would take off like this.

And finally the famous $150m pizza

I have included the full ISO information proving the time-stamp of the pizzas, those are the real deal (the tiny hands in one picture are of Laszlo’s daughter):