Afrihost lawyers respond in the spam appeal process

My appeal against Afrihost spam dating back to 2017 is still ongoing. I was never satisfied with the weak ruling, the bias shown by ISPA and the numerous delays until ISPA fined a company valued at that time close to R1bn only R14,000 for sending a wave of spam to customers over a period of three days.

I furnished my appeal to ISPA’s ruling in December 2017 and since then Afrihost has stalled the appeal through lawyers and it has taken 2-3 emails per month to ISPA to compel them to continue the appeal process. I personally find that ISPA has been biased and subjective in the Afrihost complaint and has provided the member many liberties any US or EU regulator would have not extended to the company.

I am reserving my opinion on the letter submitted by the lawyers, as their contribution is a rehash of how ISPA works and does not deal with any aspect of my original complaint or the appeal itself.

Considering that I had to reach out to individual ISPA executive members to pick up on the appeal and considering, that this process has now taken another 8 months where my response is again needed, it seems ISPA will never have the political will to enforce their own code-of-conduct.

Make up your own mind and read the response from Afrihost lawyers: AFRIHOST v IPSA REPLYING SUBMISSIONS 110818