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Fallout 3: Awesome

I have been playing Fallout 3 on the PS3 and finished the game last night with all achievements unlocked. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world following The Great War between the US and China, a conventional and nuclear...


PS3: Recovery menu – fix your BluRay issues

It appears that more and more people suffer failures on the PS3 where games don’t load or the BluRay drive seems to fail. A number of people have reported that in most instances the issue seems to be a corruption...


SCEE launches Playstation Blog

The US Sony community enjoyed their own version of the Playstation blog for years. Sony Europe has now quietly launched the European version. Head over to the EU Playstation Blog for your instant fix of PS3 goodness.


Official Sony bluetooth headset

This must be one of my most anticipated goodies I got in a while. Not officially launched in South Africa, I imported Sony’s official bluetooth headset for a mere EUR 19,00: It’s look is both plain and cool at the...


Sony PS3 chat-pad

Sony has introduced the QWERTY Wireless keypad clip-on. It makes text entry much easier and includes some bonus touchpad functionality too. Ever since I got my PS3 bluetooth headset, the chat pas is not used as much as it did...


Ster-Kinekor pay through your arse

If you are a gamer you will have noticed that the price for console titles (PS3, XBOX, WII) have gone through the roof. While a mere 12 months ago PS3 titles cost in the range of R 500-600, this has...