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Belkin N+ modem router

A little while back I had problems with my old Belkin N1 wireless router and was still amazed that despite a general lack of customer service in South Africa, Incredible Connection (of all places) managed to impress me. Netgear provides...


Telkom – denial of service, part 2

In one of my previous posts I raised the issue about Telkom’s incompetence. Telkom is obviously good in even outdoing themselves and needless to say – 8 weeks and still no phone line installed. Yes, the technician arrived (to my...


Belkin N1 wireless router

In anticipation of finally getting broadband I bought myself the Belkin N1 wireless router: I managed to get a R 500,00 discount from Incredible Corruption since the box was opened and the manual was missing. Nonetheless everything else was still...