Telkom – denial of service, part 2

In one of my previous posts I raised the issue about Telkom’s incompetence. Telkom is obviously good in even outdoing themselves and needless to say – 8 weeks and still no phone line installed.

Yes, the technician arrived (to my surprise at 9am on a Saturday). He was surprised not to find any lines installed – NO SHIT SHERLOCK, that’s why it was a NEW LINE INSTALLATION. He then proceeded unenthusiastically to open manholes and eventually decided that he will need to come back to get the lines pulled through from the exchange. The exchange is in line of sight of my house (all 30 meters away from it). HE NEVER RETURNED and had the cheek to phone Telkom’s call center to tell them that I was not home.

In sheer frustration I went out and bought a 3GB uncapped IBurst bundle with desktop modem which is now connected to my Belkin N1 router. Speed is 700Kbs downstream and connectivity wirelessly 100% around the house.

Let’s see how Telkom is outdoing the competition – NOT.