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Latest petrol price hike increases DSTV pricing

… at least this would be a good enough reason for Multichoice to justify their price increase for PVR/dualview to R 524,00/per month from 1st April. It is amazing that with new competition entering the market towards the end of...


DSTV – High-definition – WTF?

DStv operator MultiChoice announced at a press-release last week, that they will (finally) launch O-N-E high-definition channel on August 1. The channel, which will be available in a resolution of 720p, will be used to broadcast the Olympic Games from...


Ultimate Control: Logitech Harmony 895

My home-entertainment system consisting of a 46″ 100Hz Sony Bravia, a Yamaha YSP-4000 soundbar, a Yamaha YSP-150 subwoofer, a PS3, a Nintendo Wii and PVR made me a 4-remote collector. A simple task such as watching a BlueRay movie turned...