Latest petrol price hike increases DSTV pricing

… at least this would be a good enough reason for Multichoice to justify their price increase for PVR/dualview to R 524,00/per month from 1st April. It is amazing that with new competition entering the market towards the end of the year, Multichoice still manages to increase their fees annualy without improving service.

While the rest of the world enjoys high-definition television and subscribers receive free PVRs/Tivo’s as part of the subscription fee, this is obviously not the case with Multichoice. A PVR decoder still costs R 1999,00 and the latest high-def model to be launched will be in excess of R4500.

What’s wrong with the following picture:
SKYTv in UK: for 21 pounds(R328): 300 entertainment channels

SkyTV in UK (£45 ~ R 500): 300 entertainment channels, free UK evening and weekend calls, free broadband (up to 8Mb download speed)

vs. DSTV’s: 75 channels for R469

I use my decoder as a relatively good clock. The red light is just slightly irritating 🙂