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PS3: 2nd platinum trophy

It took me 32 hours since 29th September to finally get the Burnout Paradise Elite trophy. This translates into 44 owned cars, 4 bikes and 1300 miles travelled. Most trophies are very easy and just take time. Amongst the more...


Drake: Trophies

If you are chasing your PS3 trophies you will be delighted to know that if you play Drake on Hard you will be able to collect 3 trophies (for completing the game on Easy, Normal and Hard) at once. Contrary...


PS3: Trophy whore

Ever since the release of the 2.40 PlayStation 3 firmware, PS3 gamers everywhere have been clamoring for titles beyond Super Stardust HD to earn Trophies in. While a slew of new titles coming later this year will offer support for...