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Tracker – you suck! Still!

Tracker Network is famous on HelloPeter.com for ripping people off and especially debiting peoples bank-accounts without authorisation. In my case I asked for a quote, provided them with all my details and within the hour cancelled the contractor since a car-purchase fell through. Needless to say, a month later, Tracker took R 2,300.00 from my cheque account.

I had not signed a contract or a debit order and although no work was undertaken, Tracker insisted that I owed them the money. At least Standard Bank is more than willing to help and reversed the debit-order and blocked Tracker access to my funds. The cherry on top was, that they continued sending me invoices and payment-requests for a service I did not have.

Almost three months later and I managed to get a formal apology from Tracker (I am still puzzled that they seem to think that my bank or I suffered from incontinence :D):

Just for the record: incontinence means “involuntary urination or defecation” – although your service was really crap, it certainly did not cause incontinence on my part.

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