iPhone 3G: Sheit – it’s broked

So you got yourself one of those beautiful new 3G iPhones like the one below:

BUT…. WTF???? Yeah, no photoshopping this one. If you head over to the official Apple iPhone forum you will notice dozens of posts like this one. Plenty of users are already reporting hairline cracks on the phone’s case.

The damage appears to consist mostly of hairline fractures, typically around the volume and vibrate controls, but also in some cases around corners, speakers or the headphone jack. From the forum reports a high quantity of white iPhones are affected (but there are also a large number of black ones been mentioned – I guess the later are not as visible as cracks on white phones)

Sux – you sell your soul, stand in queues for days and then your “Jesus Phone” just flakes out like this. But there is light at the end of the tunnel – click here for eternal happiness.