How to hack your Belkin router

It innocently (like many cool things) started off with the replacement of my current modem router with a Belkin N1 Vision gigabit router:

I would have gone with a Airport Extreme base-station instead, but the local Apple stores have been out of stock for weeks. During my upgrades I stumbled across a mysterious page on the router (http://routerip/wukongjiuwo.html) which opens up a console window straight onto the Belkin’s operating system:

Once there you can control the router remotely (not sure why you want to do this) but you will also be able to run any Linux command (repeat after me: rm -rf / ….. DONT!). Very quickly you will spot that /www directory and within a number of pages such as http://routerip/wifi.html – which provides you great opportunity to tweak TX-settings:

Where does the above lead? Just a matter of time until you will be able to flash your router with a custom-firmware.