NAS: Netgear ADSL statistics

In a previous post I explained the significance of SNR and attenuation for ADSL lines.

I have spent now a significant amount of time to write scripts to retrieve the ADSL-statistics for my Netgear DG834v4 ADSL router. The script will equally work on any Broadcom based modem-router which allows access to telnet and supports the command “adslctl”.

The solution is really simple and consists of one perl-script collating the information and a CGI-script which then produces the stats in real time from your webserver:

I have deployed the solution on my Synology DiskStation DS107+ (FW722) and had the solution running now for a day. If you want to run this on the Synology, you will need to install rrdtool via ipkg. If you want to run it on another Linux-based environment, ensure that you have access to the command-line version of rrdtool and rrdcgi (which comes bundled with rrdtool).

My current setup produces stats every 15 minutes and reports on the following stats:

  • Ping statistics. Currently against my local ISP –, but scripts are easy to modify to include your own pings
  • ADSL signal to noise ratio (up / down)
  • ADSL attenuation (up / down)
  • Power output (up / down)
  • Maximum ADSL data rate (up / down)
  • ADSL sync speed (up / down)

All stats are reported per hour, day, week and month. In the future I want to enhance the scripts to provide additional useful reports for the Netgear DG834.