Logitech Harmony 895 troubleshooting

My trusty Logitech 895 flaked out over the weekend. Although nothing had changed (isn’t this what is usual in cases like that?), I was not able to update the settings on the remote. If the Logitech Control centre displays an error 0x24400700 during/after updating the remote, you will be able to resolve it with the instructions below.

The Harmony remote has a “safe-mode” option, which allows you to re-flash the firmware (when doing this, I noticed I upgraded from 4.0 to 4.7):
– Remove the rechargeable battery
– Keep the power-button pressed
– Plugin the USB cable and release the power button once “Safe mode enabled” is displayed
– Re-flash the firmware (via the Download button in the Harmony control centre)
– Update the remote with the latest settings
– Remove the USB cable and insert the battery again

I did have to re-update the settings several times (this might have been related due to the fact that I had my notebook not connected to a power-plug).