Telkom: Superior service

Despite the bad wrap, Telkom seems to get from the ADSL-user base, I must say, that I have been wowed with the consistency of service delivered. My stats-monitoring application has been a good “invention” as it allows me to track service levels:

Over the last 4 weeks, SNR/attenuation have been consistent and without a drop of dB’s, I have been able to get a consistent 4Mb/sec service. Surprisingly there has even been a case where my line delivered a max 600KB/sec – not sure how this is possible. I also don’t believe that the stats are skewed, as those figures are taken straight off the modem-routers WAN-port.

If you want to use the scripts, donate below (you require a running version of Perl with Net::Telnet and Net::Ping, rrdtool — the scripts will run on the Synology out of the box).