Heatwave – Portable air-conditioner

The weekend was unbearable and while most people stayed close to a pool, I found that the humidity and heat was just draining the life out of me.

MegaMica had the DeLonghi 14,000 BTU portable air-conditioner on special and just standing in front of it and feeling the cool breeze resulted in an instant purchase decision.

Portable air-conditioners are truly unique in that they are portable and can be easily moved from location to location. Though they still have an exhaust tube that must be vented out somewhere, they are truly portable in the sense that they require no permanent installation. Most portable air conditioners come with what is called a window venting kit. This venting kit easily slides into a window. The exhaust hose is easily fit into the appropriate space in the window kit, and the unit is ready to go.

Portable air-conditioners virtually always have caster wheels for portability. They consist of one “box” that holds both the hot and cold side of the air conditioner in one and they use their exhaust hose to expel heat. The DeLonghi air-conditioner can cool down to a freezing 18 degrees celsius, and while not the prettiest unit, it is certainly the most bang for the buck.

The unit is literally maintenance free and unlike other units any water extracted as part of the cooling process evaporate – so no emptying of water containers. The only maintenance task is to clean the filter every 2nd week.