Harmony wireless remote extender

Very seldom do I catch myself uttering the word “genius” silently to myself as I’m reviewing a piece of equipment. I purchased several months ago the Logitech Harmony 895 universal remote. As part of the package arrived also a wireless remote-extender, which I never bothered installing.

The Logitech 895 transmits remote codes traditionally via infrared, but you are also able to transmit commands via RF which allows you to gain complete control of components that are hidden behind cabinets or walls. With a range of up to 30 meters, you can place your equipment out of sight, or even move it to the next room.

RF commands pass through walls and floors, just like AM and FM radio signals. When you add this extender, you can use your Harmony remote to control your system from a different part of the house — great for folks who have a multi-room audio setup. Or keep your components out of sight in an enclosed cabinet, and use your Harmony remote for convenient access.

The reason for the installation? The DSTV PVR is one of the worst appliances when it comes to remote controlling the unit – you literally have to point straight at it in order to control the unit. The remote extender comes with a base-station (depicted above), which at the back allows the connection of 4 wire leads with dual mini IR flashers to control up to 8 components:

The base-station is installed close to where your equipment resides and the mini IR-flasher is stuck close to the IR-receiver of the DSTV unit. The point-and-click action is a thing of the past, nowadays I am even able to change the music channel while sitting on the patio 🙂