The R114 roadsafety/upgrade petition

I travel the R114 (commonly known as the Lion Park Road between Lion Park and R511) frequently to drop my son off at school (Heronbridge College) and on the way to work. The road is covered in potholes with taxis and trucks moving into oncoming traffic to avoid those craters. I am lucky enough to drive an old Landrover and feel sorry for people wrecking their cars.

If you are a Heronbridge parent, travel the R114 frequently or just want to help, then please click on any of the links or images to sign the petition. You need to put in your name and your email address (you will not be spammed, but a valid email is required to confirm you entering the petition). Your details will not be used other than for the purpose of handing it over to authorities to make your voice heard. (Once you signed the petition, you will get an confirmation email which you need to confirm)

Only 3 weeks ago, a oncoming truck lost golf-ball sized rocks, shattering my windscreen into pieces and damaging both lights. The Audi TT behind me was a wreck. Not a week goes past, where cars fly off the road due to the many bumps, narrow roads and the bad overall road condition.

I therefore created the R114 road-safety petition which will be forwarded to the authorities in the hope that something will be done.

With this I am hoping to petition the relevant authorities to effect urgent repairs to this road, in order to make it less dangerous to travel on in the short term, and implement a long term plan to rebuild this road to acceptable standards for one carrying such high traffic volumes including, but not limited to, widening of roadway itself, provision of shoulders and taxi pull off areas, upgrading and protection of intersections, improved road markings and signage, improved access and egress points including additional lanes for turning vehicles and law enforcement with respect to speed limits especially around schools and important intersections.

Please spend a few minutes filling out the petition, your email-address is required to make this petition legit. Petition details: R114 road-safety petition