09:09:09 09/09/09 – we are going to be soooo fucked!

I know you kicked yourself for missing 12:34:56 07/08/09 in the beginning of last month, and I am giving you advance notice not to miss this one:

A mere ten years ago we celebrated 9/9/99. In many cultures the number 18 is lucky, what would another 9 add – perhaps 50 percent more luck or will the extra 9 mess everything up for us?

999 is 666 upside down, 666 being the number of the Beast, the Antichrist in the Bible’s Book of Revelation – I better call in a blanket-day today. Nostradamus also predicted that CERN’s LHC particle accelerator will rip us a new one and create a Black Hole of note.

Some analysts and thinkers have stated that 9 is a number of death and so one should expect untoward incidents on this date. According to Bible, 9 is the number of finality or judgment – the judgment of man and all his works. As per Bible 9 is 3X3 the product of divine completeness.

For me (hello Vatican – I stopped paying your damn church-taxes in 1991) nine has a special significance as the sum of digits of numbers derived from multiples of 9 are themselves always a multiple of 9.

Astrologically, on 9-9-09 Saturn is transiting from one zodiac to another thereby making this date a very significant one for all people and all horoscopic lunatics will be bouncing in joy – for the rest of us, it will be another day gone by (and we will all wait for 10/10/10 – OMG it works out to 30).