Android: Buy some apps from the Android Market

As South Africans we are always on the tail-end of things. It comes as no surprise, that although we have access to the Android marketplace where we can download tons of free applications, Google has still not allowed us to access paid applications.

It is quite ironic, that Market Enabler is hosted on Google’s servers allow us to access the paid market (provided that you have registered with Google checkout):

(I typically install those apps via ./adb install *.apk. I also noticed that upgrading to the latest version did not work and I had to first uninstall).

The Market Enabler allows you to fake the location, kill any running market processes and once you re-enter the market, you have full access to all paid apps:

At the moment I recommend: Power Manager, Touchdown and MyBackup Pro. Awesome about Google’s market is that is you are not happy with the application, simply uninstall it within 24 hours and your money will be automatically refunded.