Businessman gives away Audi R8 to car-guards

One can only hope that this is some ingenious “marketing-prank”. A businessman in Cape Town went up to Table Mountain and handed over a R 1,4m Audi R8 to car-guards:

The duo-then decided to carve a slit into the car’s bonnet for people to drop off messages or slip in donations. Around the slit are the words: “A better future for all.” The two car-guards use the car to drive around Capetown and hand out food to the homeless.

This is truly on epic story and everyone is now waiting for the true motive behind this 😉

My opinion of the above is still that it is a marketing prank. The Capetown car-guards pictured above, look “too-polished” and I think they have been placed for whatever reason/cause. Waiting to be proven wrong/right in this.