Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 for Mac killing my Mac

  • Anniewhite

    Very useful information you have shared..Well this might help those who are facing the same problem.

  • Sani Moyo

    Informative article. I have also found the guys from Phoenix Software (www.phoenixsoftware.co.za )  great when it comes to dealing with Kaspersky. They are available to talk to on Facebook (www.facebook.com/phoenixsoftware )

  • Harrleung

    same situation here. All Mac nice performance come back after Kaspersky File scanning shut off. 

  • Phi

    Dear guys,

    Same for me, each time my macbook pro (i5, 8GB, SSD 512GB) has been falling doe dramatically, it is because of Kaspersky file scanning. Same when you want to run time machine, you have to turn it off.
    How to remove this B…sh… app? 

  • Elizabeth Chamberlain

    How do I remount the install DMG and then select the uninstall option????