Spot the difference – barking mad

If you have not followed our cause to save our cat Damian, perhaps read this page first.

First off, I must state that we love animals and have supported them as much as possible wherever it was possible. In my first life (= previous marriage), Jared and I lived on a farm, had 8 dogs, 10 cats, 2 goats, a dozen chickens, 4 horses, 4 bunnies, 3 ducks and even a bush-baby roaming a massive garden. Most of the animals had been rescue cases – the bush-baby was attacked by a jackal, one horse was a rescue case, some of the dogs had been mishandled by previous owners and who can ever say no to bunnies, ducks, chickens and goats?

Personal reasons (divorce), safety concerns (despite all the security we could never sleep properly), work commitments and educational pressures transformed us eventually into “urban warriors” and we moved to Broadacres Country Estate.

Having to give up all animals was tough, but we found new farm-homes for them, where they could still live together as buddies.

Damien dropped into our lives as a lonely, malnourished kitten from a pet-shop and who doesn’t think a ninja-black kitten is awesome?

Our HOA is far from sympathetic (as they claim – their recent threat for litigation is as sympathetic as they could possibly get), but while I went to the shops with Damien locked inside, I could not avoid noticing the double-standards in our estate:

Damien locked inside - Dogs roaming the estate unleashed

Dogs freely roaming around the estate without leashes, urinating and pooping all over common property (this is by the way a violation of one of the HOA rules which are kindly overlooked) while our kitty is confined to the inside of our house for the last 144 hours.

Don’t get me wrong, I rather have dogs roam the estate than being locked up in a 30m2 yard and I am sympathetic (not in the way the HOA expresses “sympathetic) towards their owners.

Discriminating much? Being fair – not quite!