Fixing file system corruption on Synology NAS

I recently recycled my hard-drives on my Synology DS1010+ as one of the drives started to fail. Migration of the drives was easy, but I did notice that I had file-system corruption when looking at dmesg:

The Synology does not have a facility to check the file-system during boot up, and the following instructions will allow you to run a file-system repair (if possible, make a backup of critical files before):

  1. Make sure that you have SSH enabled and log into the Synology via SSH
  2. Shutdown all services except SSH (this will unmount the volume):
  3. Enable the volume:
  4. Check for errors, but do not fix:
  5. Try to fix the file-system errors
  6. If -pvf can’t work, use -yvf instead.
  7. Reboot the Synology
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