Openelec 5.0 is out – Kodi 14 and Titanium skin on Xtreamer Ultra 2

With the recent release of Openelec which now ships with Kodi 14 Helix (formerly known as XBMC) I had to completely reinstall/format my Xtreamer due to the many underlying changes from XBMC to Kodi which caused quite a few plugin issues.

The re-install was pretty easy as it just required booting off an USB stick and reformatting the Xtreamer’s SSD drive and then re-installing the few plugins and rescanning the media library – all took no more than 30 minutes.

At the same time I decided to ditch the Aeon Nox 5.0 skin in favour of the Titanium Skin which I think is fresher and faster than Aeon:

Openelec 5 running XBMC/Kodi with Titanium Skin

The Titanium skin has many more layout options than any of the other skins and navigation across large content libraries is very efficient:

Openelec 5 running XBMC/Kodi with Titanium Skin

Openelec 5 running XBMC/Kodi with Titanium Skin

BTW: Taking screenshots with my wireless Xtreamer keyboard is quite simple (CTRL + S) and rebooting into the BIOS can be done via Fn + Del.

Booting Xtreamer into BIOS

You can enter Xtreamer Ultra BIOS using remote control or mini keyboard. Turn the Ultra ON (power button on the remote) and then press CLS(Clear) or Fn + DEL buttons repeatedly before the intro screen disappears.

Booting the Xtreamer Ultra into BIOS

Booting the Xtreamer Ultra into BIOS

If you need to to boot from a USB stick, use OpenElec’s USB maker and then boot off the stick via the BIOS. Depending on the version of BIOS you can either change the boot order (or in my case I have an option in the “Exit” tab to boot straight off the stick without having to reconfigure the BIOS).

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  • Mark

    I have tried to do the same but box won’t boot off usb! Help,

    • I just updated the blog post to show how you get into the BIOS. The Xtreamer does not boot off the USB stick by default and you will have to get into the BIOS (while the stick is plugged in) and then either change the boot order or in my case I could boot straight from the “Exit tab” in the BIOS – there was an option to boot off the stick.

      As far as I can remember, the EFI boot option does not work, but the BIOS should show both the EFI and the non-EFI option. I can update with screenshots tonight if you struggle.

      • Mark

        Wow, thanks for reply, will boot into bios later tonight and have a look, fingers crossed.

        • Mark

          Thank you worked a treat.

          • Awesome – glad it worked out.

          • Mark

            Sorry to be a pain, have done a search but seem to find link for the Titanium Skin.

          • That’s weird – did you go into “System -> Addons” and then from repositories there should be an option to install Skins – I will take a screenshot tonight if you struggle.

          • Iron_Eddie

            What should i do when i want new skin /titanium, aeon 5, …/?

          • You would just go into your System -> Appearance settings and then select the different skin (you initially download them via “System -> Addons”.

          • Iron_Eddie

            Thank you for fast answer, but… Few days ago a have been updating my Xtreamer Ultra 2 – Kodi. But when i make this steps:
            system – settings – appearance – skin – get more… there is nothing…??? i´m online… WTF???

          • I heard that in some cases the actual repository is empty – in this case: Highlight the repository -> Bring up the context menu -> Select Force refresh

      • Joost

        Dear Gerd,
        I’m struggling as well that my Xtreamer Ultra 2 does not boot from USB. Would you mind sharing the screenshot of the Bios wiht the EFI and non-EFI option?
        My Xtreamer does not run stable for more than 10 minutes anymore, and downgrading back to openelec 4 did not improve the situation either, so will try a clean install from USB.
        thanks a lot in advance,

  • Guest

    hello ,
    i have a problem that it will not boot from usb …what i try i wont …
    i created usb boot disk with openelec but no go ..
    just a blinking cursor after i with F8 chose my usb ..

    Help plz ..

    • You need to get into the BIOS of the Xtreamer and then change the boot order. I noticed that I could never boot via EFI – so this might be your problem.

  • Titanium does not appear as supported in the new prodigy 4k T_T

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