Hetzner breach – 40,000 customers affected! Passwords stored in clear text and banking details leaked…

  • I love how mybroadband stole Hetzner’s slogan and in both cased none of them are “trusted” in real life.

  • Kevin Deason

    POPIA is not effect yet, no use quoting an act that is not yet required by law to follow.

    Rest is a great read.

    • I know – this was specifically mentioned. I reiterated on POPIA though as Hetzner/their CEO maintained that they would have been compliant if POPIA was in effect. From the information made available by Hetzner, POPIA would have been a major headache, as negligence is very well a POPIA violation.

      TL;DR: Many IT news publications / ISPs quote POPIA without understanding it.