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Damien locked inside - Dogs roaming the estate unleashed 1

Spot the difference – barking mad

If you have not followed our cause to save our cat Damian, perhaps read this page first. First off, I must state that we love animals and have supported them as much as possible wherever it was possible. In my first...


Show your support for our kitty

RIP – Damian Damian disappeared late 2012 – we now believe that he might have also been murdered like his brother Tyson Our kitty, Damian is in trouble – read all about it here: Save Damian! If you have visited my...

Standard Bank Private Banking 3

Standard Bank Private Banking bliss

While First National Bank might be really innovative when it comes to banking, I honestly get annoyed with the frequent radio ads making FNB sound like a magical experience. Having consulted for both FNB and SBSA I can honestly say,...