Ditched it – for better or/and worse

I finally ditched Linux for good and have been running on Vista Ultimate for the last 6 months. No matter what you say, as free and versatile Linux might be (regardless of the flavour – tried Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora and Mandrake) it just does not measure up with the ease of use of Windows.

Anyone working in consulting and using a laptop on a daily basis will probably agree with the above. Powersaving just sucks on Linux – with some tweaking I might get 2 hours out of it. Using Windows and not really having to worry about any low-level configurations I run for nearly 4 hours.

Not even going to go into detail, that hibernation and suspend/resume do not work (especially true if you run an ATI graphics-card) and not to mention how much pain it is to connect a laptop to a projector.

Don’t get me wrong – Linux has it’s merits – I would never trust Windows to run my servers, but as a office or productivity OS it is still years away from where it should be.